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     Slasher's Paradise is the horror movie show every horror fan is welcomed to. With a nostalgic and late-night feel, the hosts Lance and Danny come together to do a full breakdown of the film and include some facts and personal experiences. The goal of the show is to get more fans to watch horror films or to reminisce about their favorites with a fresh new take.


     Slasher's Paradise was created by Lance and Danny after talking for years about recording a podcast just based on the Halloween franchise. In creating the DEDCandy brand Lance also created Slasher's Paradise. Based on the two hosts love for slashers and Danny's style and undeniable humorous take on everything!


     Though the show is billed as a podcast and is a nice easy listen, Slasher's Paradise also films their episodes for a great late night presentation including images from the film! 


     Lance is the producer and co-host for Slasher's Paradise.

      Favorite horror genre is Slashers but enjoys elevated horror, and really anything with a great story behind it.

     His favorites include Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Burning, Hereditary, The Strangers and Terrifier.


     "I really love discovering something new. Give me the creeps, make it as real as possible, or pump in some occult and I'm all in!" 

     Danny is the co-host of Slasher's Paradise and has directed and appeared in multiple Slasher's Paradise original shorts such as Sally's Twisted Kitchen, Ghost Show and Deep Cuts.

     His favorite horror genre is Slasher with paranormal/possession horror coming in a close second.

     Danny's favorite horror films include Halloween, Fright Night, Pet Sematary, The Exorcist, Silver Bullet, The Thing and Transylvania 6-5000


     "So much of my horror movie experience comes down to the atmosphere. Lights off, a well-crafted snack spread and if the temperature can be a little chilly... perfect! Oh, and it has to be scary!"



Welcome to Slasher's Paradise. This is the very first episode introducing Danny and Lance. Get to know the guys and the stories of how they were introduced to horror icon Leatherface and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and why they think you'll enjoy the show.


The boys slice into John Carpenter's Halloween. The film would launch the slasher era and be the kick starter to the iconic franchise. In our first episode we kick back and give a loving and comical take on one of our favorite horror films.


   It's Christmas time in Slasher's Paradise and the boys are overjoyed to talk holidays! It's not Santa that's coming to town though, it's Krampus! Danny and Lance share their holiday experiences and stab into the Michael Dougherty holiday horror gem, Krampus. This film created a new classic by touching on all the best family Christmas movie tropes and then adding a plethora of horror elements on top. Grab an eggnog, cuddle up and enjoy the show!


     With Valentine’s Day right around the corner Slasher’s Paradise travels to Valentine Bluff to discuss one of their favorite slashers of all time… Harry Warden! Your favorite duo, Danny and Lance go through every aspect of the film and leave no heart shaped candy box unturned. Put on your heart shaped glasses, fill your tiki cup and grab your favorite box of chocolates. Paradise has landed on My Bloody Valentine!

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