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It is the dead of summer and we are all looking forward to cool fall nights more than ever. While we melt in the blistering heat, counting the days to Halloween, DED Candy has this years list of midsummer horror films to keep you vibing into spooky season. You'll have to excuse us for not including Friday the 13th on the list this year. As you may have heard Slasher's Paradise: A Horror Film Podcast just finished covering the franchise thoroughly and we are all ready to explore other lovely horror films with summer themes. With that said we did include a very popular choice for summer horror. It's almost always the first film a horror fan mentions when they think summer.

In no particular order here is our list of horror films you should watch this summer!

1. Jaws

Let's just get it out of the way. There might not be a film that says "summer" more than Jaws. The fact that it is a horror film is a cherry on top. The setting; a small beach town called Amity Island during the 4th of July holiday. The monster; a blood thirsty great white shark. The characters; some of the most iconic in film and pop culture. Add a generous budget for the time and Steven Spielberg at the helm; Jaws is a can't miss every summer. So like I said, let's get it out of the way because there isn't much else we need to say here.

Jaws is currently streaming free on TruTV

2. The Hitcher (1986)

No summer film list would be complete without a car traveling the open road. Unfortunately, this list won't include Vacation (which is the ultimate summer travel film). Instead, we chose the 1986 film The Hitcher!

If the dusty desert chase scenes and feeling of isolation doesn't make you sweat then the films villain certainly will. John Ryder (THE PERFECT HIGHWAY VILLAIN ALIAS) played brilliantly by Rutger Hauer, is menacing, violent and relentless with a psychological twist. His only goal is to continue his murder spree until someone stops him.

The Hitcher crosses every line when it comes to violent ideas. Absolutely no one is safe including children and well... we don't want to spoil too much of the fun. A kill count of nineteen should do enough talking for the films killer. Add in some incredible action, car stunt work and of course the lovely Jennifer Jason Leigh. You'll be wondering where this movie has been all your life.

The Hitcher sparked a sequel and a remake that honesty, you can't go wrong with watching as well. But we'll leave that for another year's list just so we can talk about The Hitcher again!

Currently streaming on Cinemax

3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

It's a classic, it's horrifying and you definitely know it. But just put yourself in this film for a moment. Think of that Texas heat raining down on you while you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. The delirious state you might find yourself in as you come across an old house you pray might have some AC, only to then be chased by a man in a flesh mask wielding a mallet or chainsaw. A family of cannibals clawing at you as you fight for your own survival.

It's the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and boy does it capture the sweatiness of summer heat. I swear you can actually smell this film if you get into it enough. Every victim is drenched in sweat and blood. The warped look of the film definitely helps those beautiful Texas sunsets glisten across the screen as we are terrorized by some of the most shocking horror movie moments in history.

Currently streaming on tubi for free

4. Tremors

For millennials this one should be familiar because it was on TV A LOT in the 90's and early 2000's. Kevin Bacon (who is one more great horror film away from being horror royalty *cough*cough* FREDDY KREUGER) stars next to Fred Ward, Reba McEntire, Finn Carter and Michael Gross. All of which bring some dramatic comedy to this film which basically created the rules for the game "The Floor Is Lava".

Taking place in the dry small town of Perfection Nevada a group of locals and a seismologist take on a huge worm creature the loves to eat from the surface of the dessert floor. Any sort of sound or vibration on the ground attracts the creature that is hungry for blood. Watching the cast jump between rocks and figuring out a way to kill this beast sounds like a lot of drama and it is. But there is quite a bit of humor spread around making this a great summer watch.

Currently streaming on AMC TV

5. The Burning

As we hopefully slide out of the summer blaze and into the cozy fall, it's time to get campy! With us purposely leaving Friday the 13th off the list we didn't want to leave our campers behind. So let's all sit around a camp fire and tell a classic scary story. No film fills our needs for summer/fall vibes and a good horror story more than The Burning!

A prank gone wrong leaves a camps caretaker (Cropsey) burned to death. But he eventually returns, disfigured and equipped with gardening shears to take out his vengeance on a camp full of teenagers. Cropsey stalks and kills his way through the camp leading to a classic finish many horror fans will never forget.

The Burning has had somewhat more of a cult following that has grown and grown in appreciation for what this film really accomplished. An awesome classic campfire horror story (originating from The Cropsey urban legend) a stylish iconic looking slasher topped with some great scares. Throw in some awesome Tom Savini (on a budget) FX, a very young Jason Alexander and this film is an absolute gem!!

Currently streaming on tubi for free and Prime subscription

We hope you enjoy our list and that it brings you some frights as we hit the home stretch into the spookiest season of them all. Be sure to join us on our Youtube channel for more fun throughout the year. Stay DED my fiends and always check the candy!

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