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The DED Are Welcome

Updated: Jul 14, 2023 is alive and ready to be your new haunted destination for dark and fun entertainment.

DED Candy was founded on the idea of creating a fun filled platform for creators with an eye for the macabre. So far we have created horror movie and true crime podcasts as well as short parody films. We created a perfect sampler of the brand on our Youtube channel titled "Slasher's Paradise: Horrorthon"

Though we are small, we are mighty and ready for 'aggressive expansion'. DED Candy is constantly looking for growth and is currently developing new podcasts and new shows. The goal is to encompass the DED culture and bring entertainment to those who enjoy horror movies, true crime, occult, tarot, creepypasta and anything else that goes bump in the night.

With this expansion comes our new blog! Expect the expected and the unexpected. Maybe you'll see movie reviews, maybe we'll hype a trailer for a new true crime series, maybe we'll share an original story or breakdown the internets most infamous creepypasta. Whatever comes to our morbid minds we'll be sure to share. DED Candy is a place for exploration and entertainment. Let's try something new.

We hope you enjoy our decrepit display of haunting joys. Kick up your hooves and discover all that DED Candy has to offer.

Written by Lance Knight - DED Candy Founder

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